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Commercial Services

Brick cleaning, truck fleet washing, janitorial services

Fleet washing

Our mobile fleet of trucks come to you

We have the tools and manpower to clean your fleet of trucks and trailers at your location, night or day. Whether you have trailers, tankers, box trucks or semis, we have what it takes to get the job done safely and efficiently.


Pavement Restoration

Cleaning and Painting

From cleaning parking lots to repainting them, concrete restoration is one of our specialties. From sand blasting to vapor blasting, hard detergents or soft detergents, high pressure or low, hot or cold spray, we have the tools necessary for the task at hand.


Brick cleaning

Paint and Plaster removal

Our combination of sand and vapor blasters, along with our pressure washers and detergents give us an edge when it comes to restoring brick, even in fragile historic buildings.


Janitorial Services

Proline Commercial delivers pristine results with exceptional attention to detail, ensuring your interiors shine from floor to ceiling. Our dedicated team utilizes eco-friendly cleaning solutions to create a spotless and welcoming environment for your business. Trust Proline to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness for your company.

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